Sunday Afternoon

On a bright Sunday afternoon, I went to the pack expecting to enjoy watching the swans swimming in the lake. As I sat on the bench facing the lake, I noticed a bizarre thing that blew my mind. You would not believe me if I told you this. A group of group frogs was sitting carelessly by the lake, doing what frogs did best, croaking. Behind them, a gigantic 12 feet long python was sliding down on a tree. The frogs were oblivious to the enormous creature. They seemed to have been enjoying the loving view just as I was. The snake was getting closer by every inch. Frankly, I panicked as my mind assumed the worst for the frogs. Maybe I should warn them, but that’ll only imply that I was some crazy person. “Move it, I thought.  There’s a huge snake behind you.”

I was the only one who knew what was about to happen. I know it is the natural way of things. But I believe life has a way of showing you little signs to test you. When the snake got down from the tree, it slithered like train tracks. It alerted some of the nearby Frogs. When they spotted the snake, they took off running except for that one particular little frog. When he noticed the snake, he leaped as high as a frog could then started hopping. With his unraveling speed, he continued his pursuit of the frog. It came to a complete ending once the snake caught up with the frog and swallowed him whole.

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