Albert was the smallest amongst all his siblings. The other pigs in the barn ignored him when he tried to gain their attention. One day, he overheard the other pigs mocking him for his elfin size. While running around in the barn, Albert heard the grown-up pigs conversing abruptly about a magical pig that can grant wishes. Have you heard? The giant pig said while eating food from the barn. “There’s this magical pig that can grant any wish. To successfully grants any wish, a set of tasks is required to complete.” You must head out into the deepest part of the forest and retrieve an item that is lost.” Excitingly, Albert jumped with excitement. He wanted nothing more than getting his wish granted. But he was also scared to venture out into the scary forest all by himself. Entangled by his fear, Albert shook his head as hard as possible to remove any doubts that he had. The next day, the sun rose brightly.  The rays from the sun entered the barn and lit up Albert’s parlor, and woke the elfin pig. Excited, excited, Albert proposed. “Now, I can finally have my wish granted.” Before leaving, Albert made sure that everyone was sound asleep. “The coast is clear, said Albert.” He took off running as fast as he could. When he reaches the entrance of the forest, he hesitates. He took a long deep breath, closed his eyes, then ran as fast as he could. He came to a complete stop once he heard the leaves rustling. Scared and Frightened, Albert slowly took a few steps back. One, two, three, he said, counting out loud. As soon as he reached four, a wolf jumped out. “Where are you going, little pig? The giant beast said in a sinister way. Scared out his mind, Albert answered hesitantly. “Nowhere!” playing hide and go seek. “Can I play too, he said, snickering. Albert took notice of his sharp teeth. They filled the front and back row of his mouth. “Run as fast as you can, and I’ll count up to ten.” Are you ready, little pig? he said with his mouth drooling. Albert ran as fast as he could, not looking back, forgetting all about his wish. Once he was out of the forest, the wolf stopped his pursuit. While running for his dear life, Albert made another wish. Please, magical pig, make these tiny legs fast so that I may escape from the wolf. Before he knew it, Albert was out of the forest.

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