In an apocalypse future, the three horsemen emerge from a distant realm, bringing along the end of time. Before their arrival, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and pride were born from the friction of men.  Men’s ill-fated nature gave birth to the seven deadly sins. The Seven sins were nothing more than the harboring nature of men, that is until the coming of the horsemen forced them out from which they came.  The beings came to be wholesome after spilling out of the ears of men,  like ooze, then emerges into separate beings. Beings capable of devouring human beings whole. While awaiting their master’s return, the sins committed an atrocity that would seem despicable, even to their masters. Lust took the form of woman and man, invoking an insatiable drive for sex, which can never be satisfied. Gluttony alleviated self-control from the mass. Wrath brought about anger, rage, hatred, or a need for vengeance or revenge. And so on. After the large scale panic, the masters arrived. “The first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow. And the second one is on a red horse, holding a sword. And the third comes riding on a black horse. Upon their arrival, terrible darkness covers the sky. The clouds shrouded themselves in a mysterious dark aura, so dark that no light could penetrate through them. Up above, Lightning and thunder growled like a majestic lion. Volcanoes erupted, bursting flames like explosives with sulfur flying down like drops of rain. A great drought floods half the population, carrying a tremendous gush of wind, ripping off every single tree by its roots. The seas roughly wave back and forth simultaneously,  like a transverse wave, transporting energy from east to west. It’s the end of the world. Animals and humans uncontrollably lashed at one another, bitting, stabbing, scratching, until death.  The end of time had finally appeared. Life as you know, it was no more. An endless gloom painted the sky. It seemed like they had completed their objective, but within that moment, everything utterly stopped.  A roar shreds through the sky, trembling everyone living—the trembling set aside the growling atmosphere and the misty aura. In an instant, the three horsemen vanished.   The object descended as it displayed its glorious lights. As it falls, a flow of energy pours down like rain, subsiding the three horsemen’s effects. Every life on earth gazes in awe of it. The marble light object rapidly fell down the world like a boulder. Like it was being dropped from out of space, sending off a shock wave that caused everything to shake. The seas roared.  The mountains bend. In a harmonious state, every single particle stops its motion in the presence of light. Out of nowhere, the prince of damnation appears, trembling in fear. He casts all of his foul demons towards the light. With one look, the nasty demons vanished before they could even reach the light. The prince of damnation walked toward the luminous sphere. He asked in a loud turbulent voice,” w….., who are you!” The sphere object illuminates brighter than before, radiating a warm, glowing light that vanquishes any shred of darkness. The prince of damnation shrouds himself in a protective cloak, shielded from the luminous being’s aura. When the light finally dimmed down,  an immaculate being appeared, resembling a man but not any man, a holy man with long golden silken hair, golden sparkling eyes, and a bright cocoa butter skin, with an illuminating aura surrounding his entire body. With just one look, the prince of damnation uncontrollably fell to his knees. The being approaches the prince of damnation, humbly said, “I am the beginning and the end. I have spilled countless amounts of innocent blood around the world. I am he who gives life to every living thing.” The prince of damnation mumbles, Are you the “one”? The one who has come to deliver. The being gentle lifts his arm towards the sky then said in a loud, turbulent voice;  life is no more.


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